APT&Right experts are determined to provide legal services coherent with assumed objectives and regulations. We consider high qualifications and professionalism as a basis for our cooperation with Clients. Thus, independence, confidentiality and impartiality are so important to us. Independence – helps provide legal service not related with other parties. Confidentiality – under the confidentiality privilege entire communication between our company and Client is protected. Impartiality – everyone, without exception, is provided with the same high standard of legal services. We do not favour anybody regardless the problem they turn to us with. Back to Top

A wide range of APT&Right specialisations gives us opportunity to provide legal services for international companies. Big companies problems are very often connected with many fields of law, such as banking, finance, agreements, employment and many more. In order to avoid the necessity eat our place, which saves their time and money. Our experts base the cooperation on trust and professional approach which gives efficient and effective results. Back to Top

We represent growing institution which also deals with legal advice and services in cases concerned with English legal system. It enables us to benefit from our experience and knowledge in cooperation with international individual and business Clients. Legal services are available for both Polish and British Clients. Notwithstanding the case concerns one or both countries, it will be dealt with satisfactorily for the Client. Back to Top

We are aware that legal systems do not provide same availability in asserting one’s rights for everyone. Initiating a trial or being sued is exceptionally costly. A lot of people very often is deprived of this right as they fear the costs, which are to be covered. Thus, we deliver legal advice for individuals, which involves 30-minute free legal advice for those who are not a legal entity. This makes access to law easier. Back to Top


- Fundacja Instytut Studiów Nad Pieniądzem im. Ludwika HR. Jelskiego
“The Foundation aims at creating intellectual capital and enhancing general knowledge regarding terms and forms of monetary transactions, banking system and financial market. Thus, it participates in rising the public awareness of the essence and function of abovementioned fields in modern economy from both macro- and microeconomic point of view. To achieve its goals, the foundation started cooperating with government and non-governmental organizations and institutions operating on financial market, including the National Bank of Poland (NBP) and Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE).”

- - Nowy Teatr Project “Katastronauci” (I. Gańczarczyk, B. Frąckowiak, A. Zaradny)
“Katastronauci” is a science-fiction performance inspired by the book by Joan McKenzie “Perform or …” and a composition method of Witold Lutosławski, mainly his controlled aleatory music concept. It is a lecture-concert , in which happening is both a theme and a method of work (plays, algorithms, systems).”

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